The Steps That Will Transform You into A Guru Portrait Editor

What you are going to get delivered to you shortly are all you need to have in portrait editing. The point of reference is editing in a lighthouse. You will definitely achieve a lot of effects as a portrait editor using lighthouse. The following are the basic easy to follow steps that will transform you into a guru editor of a portrait. Here we go:

  • You Need To Import Your File

Go to the library module and then import your image into the lighthouse. You will need to create a custom sharpening preset that will work for all your images. This preset is useful most especially in cases where you have to deal with a lot of images. Applying your preset on the import is easy, move in this direction Go to Develop settings > user presets. Look at the available presets and click on the one you want to apply. You have now imported your file; the next in line of action is to go to the develop module.

  • Adjusting The White Balance

Look at the color tint in the photo; you will definitely have something to do about the white balance of the photo if you desire to rate as one of the best portrait editor. You have the eyedropper tool at your disposal to correct all perceived imbalances in the portrait. You can move sliders under the white balance with the aim of giving the image solid warmth.

  • Next Move On To The Highlight And Shadows

If you want to make a goddess out of your image for instance; look at the skin tone; hair as well as the background of it. Redress all perceived imbalance by pulling back the highlights and lightening the shadows. You can as well leave this out till the closing stage of your editing.

  • Look At The Variance And Saturation

Take a look at your image; you will still be getting a dull look at this point. Now, increase the variance and saturation of the image by using the sliders that are under the presence tab. You will get to see a brighter and cleaner look of the goddess you want to make out of your portrait.

  • You Need To Crop Your Image

Having gone this far as a portrait editor; if you want your work to wow those that will behold it; then you have to crop the portrait. This is the aspect where you will remove all the unwanted lines in the portrait. You will clean image to give you a brighter outlook.

  • Soften The Image

Our reference is an attempt to make a goddess out of your image. Now, zoom the lens to take a more detailed look at the image. Select a brush tool and load it with the adjustment that you so desired. Though there are preset tools that can come in handy, they can be cumbersome for some users; so load your own adjustment to get the best results. Vary the slider according to the skin of your subject and the effect that you have in mind. When you are satisfied, you can then move to the next stage.

  • Fine-tuning Your Adjustments

Look out for the icon: “show selected box outlay”. Press on it and it will show you the outcome of your efforts so far. You will get to see the parts of the image that was covered by the brush adjustments. Click on the erase brush tool to make the adjustments that are necessary on the image. Do not leave this area until you get an image that will make you proud as a portrait editor.

  • Take A Look At The Eyes

As you are approaching the finishing stages of the editing work, you can now focus on the eyes. Zoom in on the eyes and then use the adjustment brush to carry out a concept that will add more clarity and sparkle to the eyes. User the exposure slider to compensate for the changes that you have brought in here.

  • The Mouth Region

After taking care of the eye, the next focus should be on the mouth. You will pass through the same process that you applied for the eyes. Brush on the clarity and go ahead to increase the saturation. You can use the tint slider to bring out the goddess that you want to create out of your portrait. The objective here is to add color to the mouth.

  • The Teeth

A White set of teeth will definitely boost the confidence of your goddess. People with a good set of teeth will not find it difficult beaming with a wide grin whenever the occasion calls for it. Therefore, to enhance your work as a portrait editor; you need to work on the teeth. Lighten the teeth by using the brush tool; you have to decrease the saturation slider and increase the exposure slider a little for best possible effects on the teeth.

  • The Hair And Background

You have made several adjustments that will bring out the best in the image of the goddess that you want to portray, but the environment should complement the adjustments made in the portrait. There will be a definite contrast between the face and the background which must be addressed if we are to achieve a portrait that will sell at the end of the day.

In order to reduce the contrast between the face and the background, then the hair must be lightened in conjunction with the background. This will give the desired separation between the hair as well as the background. After doing this, you will get a final image that will be by far better than the former from where you started.


This form of editing is more of personal preferences in combination with your shooting style. There are many approaches to it; we have just shared one of such here. If you follow the tips; you will get a result in your final portrait that will surely rate you as an excellent portrait editor.