Few Things To Know About Exterior Stucco and Stone

If you are thinking about including stucco or stones to your house just for beauty or other sake, then it is very important to know everything about the exterior stucco & stone because prevention is better than cure and that is why one should do the proper research before taking any step whatsoever. Stucco and stone always make any building look attractive and that is why every landlord that knows the value of this type of design will always want to get it done without thinking about the monetary factor. In getting the research done, all of the following will help in getting the right facts.

Consulting a professional: getting the right advice from a right source will enhance the result of any situation; therefore, it is also applicable to getting exterior stucco and stone done. Visiting a professional will leave you with no worries because professionals know everything about what you are about to embark on which makes them the right people to seek advice from. A professional will not only get you the right budget but also give you the necessary understanding you may need. Furthermore, the materials used in producing stucco are different and one needs a professional to choose the right material for the project so as to prevent cracks and stains in the future.

Budgeting: one of the most important things one should consider before going for an exterior stucco & stone is budgeting because it is very important to set up a strategy before anything and budgeting is part of the great plans that will help in getting the best result. The correct budgeting will help in your final outcome.

History of stucco and stone

Stucco is a stonework design that is used to design buildings which range from residential buildings to business and so on. The method started in the United Kingdom in the 18th century and it became very popular in the latter country in the 19th century. The method is often applied on brickwork or rubble walls. Stucco was a design that distinguished buildings in the United Kingdom from buildings in other countries then when the design started, it started in England and it was used to design the queen’s palace in Buckingham. When the style in Buckingham palace became what tourists were marveled at, noble men also started using Stucco as a design to build their homes and business places. Later when Stucco became so common in the United Kingdom, the people of middle class and poor people too started doing Stucco on their small bungalows. Stucco was also used in the 19th century entertainment world, the most popular example is the theatre of William Shakespeare that was built with the Stucco design in England in the early 19th century, the theatre was a big one where all the plays of the aforementioned person were depicted and most noblemen and people in power watched the plays in the popular theatre. Stucco as a rare object was used as a source of income by the United Kingdom as it was sold in thousands to over 15 countries in Europe, Two countries in Africa and the United States. The noblemen at that time later started storing wealth by buying stucco in large quantity and keeping it at home and banks, they traded it among themselves in the United Kingdom and also to merchants from other parts of the world like Asia and Africa.

Stucco was one of the reasons why Japan invaded Beijing in 1902, they attacked Beijing because many merchants in China had become so popular in the trading of Stucco and China as a country invested a lot in buying stucco. Due to the fuse between Japan and United Kingdom then, the Stucco was not sold to Japan and Japanese merchants. As a result of this, the Japanese army invaded China and stole valuables which were reported to be thousands of Stucco and gold. Stucco is believed by many people to be used in the United Kingdom and Europe alone but it is a wrong belief because, after the colonial period in Africa and especially West Africa, many Africans were given the opportunity to travel to France and the United Kingdom, these Africans were allowed to live and work in the latter countries, as the time went on, they saw Stucco in Europe and when many of the returned to their country to build homes, they used the idea of Stucco to build which later made the idea of Stucco spread to Africa. When the Stucco design reached Africa, it was very accepted and was used by only nobles like kings, queens, and politicians. The widespread of Stucco in West Africa made it a popular trend in other parts of Africa too as the colonial government in South African and Namibia also used Stucco while building houses.

Usage of Stucco in the Modern Day World

Stucco is a design that was used mainly in the olden days when the days of England rolled over, Stucco was almost forgotten but when the modern days arrived, Stucco was modernized and it is now used all over the world. Stucco is used mostly in Canada and United States; there houses are studded with Stucco that has been refined mainly in the front part of the building and sometimes at the sides of Swimming pools. In Africa, Nigeria for example, a mini-city was commissioned for building, the city is called Lekki grand city, it was a large estate on the Island of Lagos built by the Lagos state government and auctioned to people from all over the world. Many of the buildings that were built in Lekki grand city were studded with Stucco for the beautification of those buildings and the amusement parks in the city were also built with stucco. Tourists from all over the world love to see Lekki city because of the beauty of its stucco studded houses and other buildings.